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Duty Free Limitations



Australia 2.25 Litres A$900 limit on all other goods
China 2 Litres Reasonable quantity
Fiji 2.25 Litres Reasonable quantity
Hong Kong 1 Litre 250 EDT
Indonesia 1 Litre Reasonable quantity
Japan 2.25 Litres 2oz or 60g of perfumes
New Zealand 1.125 Litres Reasonable quantity
Philippines 2 Litres Reasonable quantity
Singapore 1 Litre Reasonable quantity
Thailand 1 Litre Reasonable quantity
USA 1 Litre US$400 limit
Vietnam   1.5 Litres Reasonable quantity

The list above is a guide only and does not provide complete information for each country listed. 
Amounts shown per passenger are correct at September 2014 but are subject to change without 
notice. Passengers should make their own enquiries as to the applicable duty free allowances in 
their country of destination. Please note that passengers under the age 18 years (21 years for USA), 
are not entitled to an alcohol allowance and must show proof of age identification on board. Some 
beauty products exceed 100ml, and all liquor items are 700ml or over. If you are transiting into 
Australia, then your liquid purchases will now need to be packed into a Secure Tamper Evident Bag 
- STEB. Please ask your flight attendant for one. Present this, along with your proof of purchase for 
security screening on arrival at your gateway airport.

For full information about duty free concessions into Australia visit

For full security information regarding Liquid, Aerosols and Gels and transiting through Australia, please visit